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eBari™ equipment rental service has been created to protect patients, caregivers and preserve dignity.

Rental Helpline: 01924 422612

Supporting the challenges you and your patients face.

With more patients of size entering the hospital than ever before, its vital that the correct equipment can be selected and delivered quickly to ensure the best level of care to protect patients, caregivers and maintain a patient’s dignity.

Caring for patients of size comes with risks to both the person being cared for and the team providing the care.

At Essential Healthcare we understand the challenges faced by patients and caregivers.

That’s why eBariTM equipment rental solution is now available to ensure the right equipment is delivered in a timely manner, so you can focus on patient care and rehabilitation.

You can select from one of our pre-created rental packages, that have been designed to make equipment selection easier. Choose from pre-created options for patients that need support In-Bed, Out-of-Bed or Away-from-Bed.

You can also create a solution for your patient by selecting the equipment required from our extensive portfolio of solutions available for your patient in the hospital, home or long term care facility.

Why rent?

Renting equipment may be the best option for your organisation due to lack of storage space for equipment, not having the facilities to decontaminate product between patients, not having visibly of the volume of equipment required, not having access to capital budgets to purchase. Renting equipment is an option to overcome these potential issues.

Pre-Created Rental Packages

Equipment Available to Rent